Humanities InstituteWelcome to the UB Humanities Institute "Time and Memory" Research Workshop.


The Humanities Institute Research Workshop ‘Time and Memory’ brings together different conceptions of time and memory across the disciplines of socio-cultural anthropology, history, American studies and archaeology to stimulate interdisciplinary cross-fertilization. As all the members of this group are working, in various ways, with conceptions of time and memory the specific focus of the group is to familiarize each other with different conceptions of time and memory in neighboring and related disciplines through group members’ presentation of their work. Its primary aim is to improve our own work as we can present it to peers and graduate students and to provide a forum for feedback and debate. Beyond these group-internal benefits, we want to contribute through this initiative to the highly productive scholarly and academic environment provided by the Humanities Institute, the broader UB community, as well as within and across our respective disciplines.